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    The A&R Music Bar - Columbus, OH

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    Madison Live - Covington, KY

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    Basement East - Nashville, TN

Spaffy New Years!

We will once again be ringing in the new year in our hometown of Phoenix! Please join us for a special two night event at the incredible Van Buren theater.

VIP tickets will be on sale 9/26, followed by a pre-sale on 9/27 and the general sale on 9/28

Coming from out of town? No problem! We have teamed up with CID Entertainment to offer travel packages for both VIP and GA tickets!

12/30 Tickets » 12/31 Tickets » VIP Tickets »

Electric Tacos and Peaches

We had such a blast at The Peach Music Festival that we really wanted to share a bit of it with everyone!

We hope you have as much fun watching this Electric Taco Stand > Dis Go In 5 > Electric Taco Stand as we did playing it!

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